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Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing plays a critical role in overall marketing mix of an organization, as the percentage of internet consumer spending grows; more and more businesses are allocating portions of their budgets to online marketing.

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Components of Our Digital Marketing Service

There are lots of stuffs in Digital Marketing like Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click Campaigns, Content Marketing, Pay Per Performance Marketing, Articles, Blogs and PR Submissions, Email Marketing, Website Analytics, Online Media Advertising online reputation managements.

Search Engine Optimization

search enginme optimization

At Tackle Infotech, we offer the most effective SEO services in India and beyond. With many of keywords in top rankings, loads of testimonials from satisfied customers, leading brands as customers, awards and certifications from industry leading bodies.

Social Media Marketing

social-media marketing

If you want to promote your business you have to be aware of social media marketing, Social media has become the largest platform where many online users stay for a long time. So this is a great platform to grow your business.

Pay Per Click Camapigns

pay per clickcampaing

If you want to promote your website in a very short period of time in google search engine, then google has an option as Google AdWords or you can say PPC (pay per click). In Google AdWords, Google will charge you for per click on website link showing in google search results.

Content Marketing

content marketing

Regardless of whether you're hoping to expand deals, support your image mindfulness, hold existing business, or connect with new clients,content marketing is a demonstrated methodology to satisfy any of those objectives. Content marketing improvement takes teach and responsibility, and we help you at all times

Pay Per Performance Marketing

pay per perfomance marketing

Pay-Per- Performance Marketing, or PPP, is a term used in online marketing to define a famous pricing model whereby a marketing agency receives a payment from an advertiser for each new lead or new customer obtained for the advertiser through the agency's online marketing efforts.

Articles, Blogs and PR Submissions

articles ,blogs and pr submission

We will submit your article, blogs & PR in the most popular website like hubpages to grow your visibility and awareness of products and services so that you can generate your leads.

Email Marketing

email marketing

Email marketing is also one of the most popular strategy of digital marketing, in which we send emails on client’s data or subscribers and get leads for our clients.

Website Analytics

website analytics

We’ll work with you to establish a measurement strategy, aligned with your business objectives. Then we’ll deploy advanced custom tracking,according to industry best practices, to set up a world-class Google Analytics implementation you can trust.

Online Media Advertising

online media advertising

If you are looking for online media Advertisement Company you are at good place, we are one of the fastest leading online media advertisement company in Delhi, which works globaly.